3 Reasons why you need Seamless Gutters in South Africa

Homeowners and business owners often have to choose between seamless gutters and sectional gutters. The truth is that many gutter installation teams will recommend seamless gutters, but handymen will say that aluminum or steel gutters are just as good. We’re here to tell you that seamless gutters are, without a shadow of a doubt, the best kind of gutter for people living in South Africa! Why? Here are three reasons why you need seamless gutters in South Africa:

  1. Things rust in South Africa. Apart from humid Durban, most places in South Africa suffer from excessive dust. Dust sediment rests within gutters, and before long seamless gutters in South Africa are exposed to rust causing corrosion. The difference is that with seamless gutters the durable powder coated panels are less likely to rust, and because there are no seams along portioned gutter segments, there are fewer points of access to the metal below the powder coating.
  2. South Africans need to think about their finances. As the country verges on the edge of recession, it’s important for homeowners and business owners to tighten their pockets? How can they do this if seamless gutters cost a minimum of 50% more than regular gutters? This is because seamless gutters require less maintenance, and last as long as 4 times longer than regular gutters.
  3. South Africa will have even more drought. And drought often comes with incredibly powerful showers and flooding, requiring the strength of your gutters to handle large quantities of water for a short period of time. Because seamless gutters in South Africa are a lot stronger than conventional gutter installations, they will be able to handle such weather anomalies.

So, that being said, seamless gutters aren’t only your best gutter option in South Africa at present, but if we’re to have further droughts and flash floods, they’ll be even more important. 

If you require seamless gutters in South Africa, make sure you contact a professional gutter installation contractor. For seamless gutters in Pretoria and Johannesburg, fill out our free quotation form.

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