Gutter installation may seem like a straightforward task. However, it’s often best left to the professionals. Gutter installers, like us at Easy Flow Gutters, are trained in the basics of how to set the slope, what the best materials to use are and how to host the hangars (amongst many other details). It’s all in a day’s work for us. However, there are often negligent contractors out there so we’ve made a list of five important questions you should be asking when it comes to getting your gutters and downpipes installed, repaired or maintained….

1)    Are they licensed and insured?

Checking to see whether your gutter installer is insured and licensed with your municipality is important because it ensures that you are using an approved contractor and that you are not liable for any workplace injuries. Easy Flow Gutters is a certified gutter installation, repairs and maintenance company. We are also BEEE Certified.

2)    Do they have references?

A good gutter installation company will provide references that you can confirm.

3)    How long will it take?

Standard gutter jobs should only last the day. However, it may take longer depending on how large the house is or if there are any complex rooflines. It’s best to keep in communication with your gutter installer so that is kept in the loop

4)    What about warranty?

You shouldn’t have to settle for just the manufacturer’s warranty on your gutters. Make sure you can get a warranty on the craftsmanship of your gutter installer. At Easy Flow Gutters, our gutters and downpipes are of the highest quality and so is our craftsmanship, this is why we can offer you a 20-year guarantee to ensure that you are covered!

5)    Are they using seamless gutters?

Seamless household gutters normally cost a little more than normal gutters, BUT they do present fewer opportunities for leaks. At Easy Flow Gutters, we do use seamless gutters and downpipes. Make us your first choice for seamless gutter installations repairs and maintenance!

At Easy Flow Gutters, we take our clients and our work seriously. We meet all the above requirements. So, when you next need a gutter installer, call us. We offer excellent gutter solutions and economical roof guttering prices.