What To Expect Regarding Water Restrictions in Pretoria

So water restrictions have hit the Western Cape after extensive restrictions have been thoroughly experienced in KZN. With South Africa suffering such restrictive water shortages, what can people living in the Jacaranda City expect once strict water restrictions are imposed upon us?

If any water restrictions are likely to hit Pretoria, we will most probably be under Level 3 restrictions such as those found in the Western Cape, and will most definitely affect residential homeowners.

Watering Your Garden

The most important change is the fact that homeowners, as well as corporate office maintenance teams, will be unable to water gardens with hoses or irrigation systems. Watering can only be done by manual measures, such as using buckets and containers.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools can only be maintained if a film cover is installed(this will prevent evaporation). Only by having a cover will you be allowed to refill a pool to its regular water levels. If there is no cover, then you cannot perform any ‘top ups’.

Tariff System

The cost of water will also rise in proportion to the amount of water used in the household or on a business’s premises. Let’s take a look at the tariff system being used in the Western Cape. No tariff is payable for households that use less than 6 kilolitres of water, however, anything over this amount will be charged. Between 6.1 and 10kl will cost you R16.54 per kilolitre. These costs go up incrementally according to usage ranges. Businesses that use more than 50kl can expect to pay over R200 per kilolitre. These costs will seriously affect businesses if they are not careful about their water usage.

It would be interesting to note that these water restrictions tariff measures will likely be a little more expensive in Gauteng due to our province’s higher income per capita. How exactly the state intends on policing the water usage in homes with regards to sustainable practice is unknown at this point.

Make sure that you conserve water, as Gauteng will likely experience restrictions if there is no more rainfall this summer. Remember, in times of drought, flash floods, and violent storms often flare up unexpectedly, so make sure that your gutters are well maintained.

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