Warning signs of a damp problem in your home

To put it plainly, damp in your home can be a disaster. Not only is it a sign that you may have a deeper, underlying problem with your home’s foundations, guttering and drainpipe systems, but it is unsightly, unhealthy and can cost way more than you care to spend!

However, all is not lost! Damp can be avoided as long as you keep a look out for these warning signs and tackle the root of the problem before it begins to spread.

But firstly, what is damp?

Damp is caused when moisture from the ground rises vertically through the fine pores in the masonry or your brick walls. The moisture affects the plaster in the internal walls which is highly absorbent. Ground water contains dissolved salts, and once the water has evaporated, these salts are left behind in the plaster which eventually makes its way through to the wall’s surface.

Damp can also be caused by poor guttering of your home when constant water overflow seeps down from the roof into the plaster on the inside or the outside of your walls.

Here are the warning signs to look out for:

1.     Paint won’t adhere to the walls – no matter how many times you try to paint over a certain wall, it still flakes and peels.

2.     Wallpaper that begins to lift – the moisture from damp is affecting the adhesive qualities of your wallpaper.

3.     Stains or tidemarks on your walls – these will appear as small, brownish watery stain marks that will gradually increase in size

4.     Flaky or bubbling plaster on your walls – a sign that the moisture from damp has begun to lift the plaster from your wall/s

5.     A white powder or crystals appearing on the surface of your walls – this is the residual salt left behind from ground water that has seeped through your plastering

6.     Crumbling mortar between bricks or stonework on the exterior of your home

While much of the root cause for your damp problems may come from the foundations of your home, it’s also extremely important to think about the roof over your head and the quality of your guttering and drainage systems. Broken or blocked guttering, drainpipes, roofing, and flashing can all contribute greatly to damp, causing water to leak onto walls.

Don’t overlook the quality of your home’s gutter system – ensure that they are installed by reputable professionals and SABS approved – remember that cheaper, is not always better! Get in touch with Easy Flow Gutters for top quality gutter products and installation throughout the Pretoria and Gauteng region.

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