Top tips to save on your electricity bill this winter

Did you know that South Africans today spend almost twice as much on energy as they did a decade ago? It’s estimated that a third of all the warmth in your home is lost through poorly insulated ceilings, doors and window fittings, driving up our electricity bills as we rely on heaters, geysers and gas.

As a way to save both energy and money this coming winter, here are a few simple tricks of the trade to prepare your home for the colder months to come, without breaking the bank!

1.     Insulate Windows & Doors

Over time, the caulking and sealing around your home’s windows and doors is bound to wear down. Before the colder months are knocking on your door, be sure to do a recon of the windows and doors in all the main rooms of your home and touch up any cracks and gaps with waterproof caulking in order to keep the warmth inside, where it belongs.

2.     Ceiling Insulation

One of the best ways to reduce energy consumption and loss of heat from your home is by insulating your ceiling properly and efficiently before winter hits. This insulation reduces the amount of energy needed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, essentially trapping in warmth. Insulating your ceiling will mean you won’t need to keep turning up heaters, but rather, setting a median temperature that your house can maintain.

3.     Geyser Blankets

Here’s a pro tip: if you hold your hand against your geyser and it’s warm or even hot, you know your geyser is losing heat and energy at a rapid rate. A geyser that is room temperature or even cool to the touch is one that is maintaining its heat and energy use, and one way to ensure this is by wrapping your geyser in a geyser blanket in order to maximise heat retention. Always ensure you use an insulation expert for this task, as using a normal, household blanket just won’t do the trick!

Once a geyser blanket has been properly installed, its highly recommended that you turn your geyser temperature down to 60 degrees, rather than keeping it at the ‘standard’ 70. The initial outlay cost for the blanket will save an enormous amount of energy and electricity for your home, and of course your pocket, in the long term!

4.     Pipe Insulation

How long do we spend hopping from foot to foot in the winter months waiting for the hot water to heat up in the shower? During this time, both water and energy is unnecessarily wasted! By insulating your home’s water pipers, you are effectively reducing the amount of time it takes for water to heat up, keeping hot water hot, and cold water cold, while saving you a rand or few on your water and electricity bill. Again, it’s always best to use the expertise of an insulation professional for this task.

5.     Install a Solar Water Heater

Incredibly, installing a solar water heater can actually save up to two thirds of all the energy used to heat up water in your home, reducing your electricity bill drastically! Energy saving can vary though, so it’s best used in conjunction with a geyser timer. If a solar water heater is not an option, the next best thing would be to install a heat pump – working very similarly to the solar water heater, saving you just as much energy and electricity.

Insulating your home well before winter approaches is just one way of protecting it from the elements. You should also ensure that you don’t neglect your home’s gutter maintenance. Make sure that your roofing is in good shape and that your gutters are clear from debris and rust free, before some of the harshest months of the year are upon you. Easy Flow Gutters is your local expert in the Pretoria and Gauteng region if they are in need of some maintenance.

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