As with most home maintenance rules, if you wait until you have a noticeable problem, it may be too late to prevent costly repair and replacement jobs. The general rule as a home or business owner is don’t take the risk of neglecting your home or business gutter maintenance, in the long run, it’s just not worth it, and the truth is, the repair or replacement job could cost more than the initial installation!

The risks of neglecting your home or business guttering system go much deeper than aesthetics and affecting the appearance of the outside of your home or building; these risks run down into your structure’s foundation, and foundation disrepair is not only extremely costly but labour intensive and horribly disruptive to your home or business operations.

Here are some of the basic, short-term risks of not cleaning your gutters:

–        Water over flow and gutter leakage

–        Sagging gutters

–        Standing water and gutter rot

–        Rusting and discolouration of gutters (depending on gutter material)

While some of the long-term, more serious risks include:

–        Flooding of your home and property

–        Interior and exterior wall damp

–        Water stains on your roof and walls

–        Breeding and infestation of insects such as termites, mosquitos, spiders, and others

–        Cracked or shifted foundation

So, with the risks duly noted, when is the best time to inspect, clean and maintain your gutters?

If you live in Gauteng, the general rule-of-thumb is that the seasons of spring and autumn are generally the best time of year. During the spring, you should clean out the remnants of autumn and winter, making way for the coming rains of summer, while in the autumn it’s best to clear out the season’s fallen leaves and debris, to make way for what winter has to bring. The weather is generally warmer and drier in Autumn with ideal conditions for gutter maintenance.

Some of the tools you may need include:

–        A sturdy ladder, placed on a solid, flat surface

–        Tarp

–        Buckets with S-hooks to collect debris

–        Work gloves

–        Safety glasses

–        Trowel or handled scoop

–        Garden hose with a spray nozzle

–        A screwdriver to tighten loose parts or remove and reattach downpipes

–        A plumber’s snake for badly clogged downpipes

Gutters play an important role in protecting your home and business from the elements and can be one of the most underrated barriers against permanent water damage. Don’t neglect your gutter maintenance, if you require a professional and highly efficient service, Easy Flow Gutters services homes and business throughout the Pretoria and Gauteng regions, get in touch today!