The Pros and Cons of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are used to prevent gutters from getting clogged with leaves, water and other debris as a result they end up doing most of the gutter cleaning for you. That’s a win, right? Cleaning gutters is not an enjoyable task, however not everyone agrees that gutter guards are worth the cost, effort and time to get them installed. Below we will discuss the types of different gutter guards as well as the pros and cons of using them.

Types of Gutter Guards;

·      Foam Gutter Guards: This is a foam material that fits directly into your gutter, helping to block the debris from going into the gutter. Easy Flow Gutters uses Gutter No Clutter, a 100% open-cell polyether polyurethane foam.

·      Mesh Gutter Guards: This is a metal sheet that is filled with tiny holes that gets attached to the roof shingles and covers the gutter, which prevents debris from getting into the gutter. See our rainwater goods here.

·      Bottle Brush Gutter Guards: these are made of bristles that face upright inside the gutter. The debris rests on top while the water flows away.

·      Reverse curve gutter guards: this gutter guard positions the water downward while at the same time directing the leaves to fall to the ground.

Pros of using Gutter Guards:

·      Gutter guards prevent birds and rodents from making nests in the gutters and therefore blocking the gutters.

·      Gutter guards help separate water from leaves and other contaminants allowing you to store rainwater ( JoJo tanks) to use in other occasions.

·      They can be added to existing gutters, which eliminates the need to clean your gutters on a regular basis. Gutter guards prevent the build-up of stagnant water which could serve as a breeding ground for insects.

Cons of using Gutter Guards

·      Gutter guards are not 100% foolproof, as they still need the occasional cleaning.

·      Whilst Easy Flow Gutters offers competitive prices gutter guard installation can be expensive, depending on the type of gutter guard you choose.

·      Some gutter guard systems aren’t as effective as others, so it’s a good idea to shop around but to ensure that it is compatible with the type of gutters you have in place.

·      The additional weight of gutter guards could cause your gutters to sag in the center.

If this is not enough information, or you would like to chat to us to find out which gutter guard system is the best for you, feel free to drop contact us!

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