That sounds like an awful lot of work, to be perfectly honest. To consider your roof as requiring the full treatment once a year is both time-consuming and costly, but the majority of handymen will recommend no less than 12 months between coats.

How often should your roof be painted though?

Handymen have a point when recommending that you paint your roof once a year, however, with proper cleaning, you will not have to paint the roof more than once every two years. Here’s why:

  1. Dirt is the cause for both corrosions on metal surfaces (like gutters) as well as bubbling of paint. As the dirt molecules heat up in the summer sun, it manages to heat up the paint and damage the surface.
  2. Dirt is also more likely to retain moisture. This means that after heavy rains a dirty roof takes longer to dry than a clean roof. As water freezes or evaporates under the conditions of the weather, it puts strain on the painted surface.

So, it is preferable to paint your home or business’s roof once a year, but this is unnecessary if you make sure that the roof is kept continually clean. Furthermore, if the correct painting methods and the best chemicals are used when painting the roof, it is less likely to be damaged.

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