With South Africa’s economic challenges, weak currency and political uncertainty choosing to renovate can be a scary thought. A renovation needs planning and forethought to add value to your home. Luckily, we’ve done some of the thinking for you! Here are our top 5 tips in making your renovation work for you;

Tip 1: Get the experts in

You cannot fix something if you do not know that it is broken. Hire an inspector from a professional company to check out the areas in your home that you cannot see, like your gutters. Small problems, like a hidden water leak from a faulty gutter can negatively impact the value of your home. The longer you take to repair it, the bigger and more costly the problem becomes. Contact us and make a booking for us to come and check your gutters out – before they become a problem! This brings us to our next point…

Tip 2: Gutter Maintenance is key!

It is important to keep up to date with maintenance. One broken gutter at the back of the house might not seem that important. But if you suddenly need a roof repair, gutter repairs and a paint job to cover up the water damage – then it quickly adds up! Not only is it expensive to repair everything all at once, but it gives off an impression of neglect which devalues your property. Rather stay on top of the maintenance and fix the problem the minute it breaks. Easy Flow Gutters offers maintenance on all seamless household gutters and downpipes, as well as roof painting, roof repairs and roof touch-ups.

Tip 3: A lick of paint does the world of good

Take the time to spruce up your roof with a new spray of paint. This ensures that your roof doesn’t experience any unexpected leaks and protects it against weaknesses and blocked valleys – it also makes it look brand new! Easy Flow Gutters does roof painting, roof repairs and revamps.

Tip 4: Be water-wise!

The prolonged drought has caused serious pricing pressures, as fines are set in place for households using more than 50l the transition to go ‘green’ has never been more imperative. Our solution? It’s simple, really. Hook your downpipes up to a Jo-Jo Tank. This collects all the rainwater from your roof which can then be used for watering the garden, washing cars – even flushing toilets!

Tip 5: Don’t let those gutters get cluttered!

Clogged gutters can result in damp ceilings, leaks and roof damage in your home, qualities that devalue your home in an instant. Use Gutter No Clutter, a foam gutter insert that keeps leaves, debris and wildlife out of your gutters, while at the same time allows water to flow through easily.

Follow our top five tips listed and your home will be worth more, without breaking the bank, in no time.