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At Easy Flow Gutters, we aim to provide our customers with the best gutter prices in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We supply and install seamless gutters and downpipes as well as offer repairs, maintenance and replacement on existing guttering systems. Gutters are roll formed on site. So before we can determine the gutter prices, you have to decide which material you wish to use for your commercial and or household  gutter installation.

We offer a selection of materials and colours to choose from, depending on your needs. A 20-year guarantee is given on all our gutters and downpipes for paint peeling and rust. We also offer free onsite inspections whereby we can establish and advise on the most suited gutters for your installation. Give us a call or email us to get a free quote.




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The price per metre for seamless gutters depends on the type of material used. All our seamless gutters are manufactured in made-to-measure lengths on site. At Easy Flow Gutters, we offer the following materials for your seamless gutter systems;

This is a colour-based, layered sheet metal, it can either be seamed or seamless. To find out this seamless gutters’ price per metre contact us!

This material can be used for seamless gutters. It is a steel sheet that is layered with zin-aluminium alloy and is powder coated. It is an extremely high-quality product and our seamless gutters’ price per metre is the best in town.

This material is an unilume sheet metal that does not have the powder coating. It is a high-quality gutter that is painted after installation.

As you can see there are various types of materials on offer that we use to make our seamless gutters. As a result, our seamless gutter prices per metre differs vastly, and to find out the cost per metre per material, you will need to contact us. While seamless gutters are our priority we also do offer two types of materials that make seamed gutters;

This is steel sheet that has a thin layer of zinc on the surface. This is, unfortunately, a seamed gutter material but we do install these gutters. They are exceptionally hardy and are also cheap.

This is a low-intensity steel sheet that is easy to mould, easy to install as gutters and are cheap. The disadvantages of this material are that they are seamed and are prone to rusting and breaking.

Seamless gutters price per metre

To get the best quality and most competitive gutter prices, contact Easy Flow Gutters and get your seamless gutters installed by the professionals!