Green Architecture is no longer Optional!

South Africa is well on the way toward institutionalizing green architecture, and enforcing sustainable construction, especially within the residential sector. This is good news and ensures that our built environment does not impact the natural environment from which our natural resources are founded.

Here are a couple ways in which green architecture is being encouraged, and sometimes even enforced.

  1. Green architecture is being considered by financial institutions before contributing toward the funding of new property developments. Lowered interest, lowered insurance premiums, and increased support measures are all being provided by financial institutions toward green projects.
  2. National standards are including strict green architecture regulations year after year. These standards are non-negotiable, and ensure that all property developers have to take into consideration sustainable building practices, and the installation of green energy features.
  3. Green technology is becoming cheaper and more affordable for homeowners and developers. If sustainable building features such as solar panels and heat pumps become more affordable then they are sure to be installed more often.
  4. Green architecture doesn’t have to look odd. In fact, there is no specific design. Your new development could be an old-fashioned English countryside cottage, yet the building practices are definitely ‘green’ or sustainable.

Do not be misinformed. Green architecture is here to stay and is an absolute requirement during certain stages of a project’s development. Of course, many of the standards are only applicable for commercial projects, but be sure that strict requirements are on the way for home builders too.

Make sure that you have gutters installed and well maintained on both commercial as well as domestic properties, as these important building features form part of sustainable building regulations.

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